Equal Experts

Software Developer, Oct 2018 - present

Making Software. Better. Equal Experts is a network of talented, experienced software consultants, specialising in agile delivery.
These are the client projects I worked on,
  • John Lewis
    • Built the new Product Description Page (PDP) for Simple Carpets using nextjs in home interiors
    • Helped build, improve, and run AB experiments in the customer services and my orders pages in customer hub
  • iOWNA
    • Built a content editor for curators to create content on our platform
    • Built the iOWNA crossplatform app in react-native that works in android, ios, and web using one codebase.
    • Implemented admin specific functionalities in the web app
    • Implemented an in-app OTA update method using expo and semantic versionin
    • Built the iOWNA marketing website
    • Built the Health Questionnaire clinician/patient feedback form feature with push notifications
  • Zeta
    • Added multiple download formats (pdf,html,xlsx) for reports in the Reporting Center
    • Created a Groovy Script to automate creating ACL's in sandbox authorization framework
    • Integrated Camunda Workflow Engine into Zeta services in Operations Center
    • Built a few workflows on Camunda and integrated it with some internal services
    • Built a custom k8s CRD using the operator framework to automate creating ACL's in sandbox using custom resources
  • Lifebox
    • Added search functionality to the hospital procedure codes
    • Converted the Health Questionnaire from json to native go code making it easier to make changes to it
    • Integrated with SAP using HL7 message format to create patients, episodes, schedule/cancel procedures
    • Built the Patient Document repository for uploading, downloading patient files
    • Built the patients online reports view using the data from SAP


Full Stack Developer, Sept 2016 - Oct 2018

Numberz integrates banking with your day-2-day business work-flows freeing up a lot of effort, time and heart-burn, to help your business grow! You’ll never have to spend time syncing information between different systems. Save and record receipts & spends with a single tap, automatically categorise transactions for book-keeping and easily share information with your accountant.
  • Implemented new features and fixed bugs on the numberz android app
  • Integrated numberz with Tally ERP
  • Implemented CI and Devops within out system to ease our deployment process using docker and docker-compose
  • Created a slack bot called deploybot which was used to deploy our microservices to our servers
  • Started tech talks on Thursdays to discuss cutting edge technologies
  • Architected and built the Notification Service using rabbitmq and nodejs
  • Built the Multi-User and Multi-Company Features
  • Implemented and lead a team on integration with the GSTN System so that customers could file their GST Taxes within our product
  • Architected and built the numberz Identity Management Service(IMS)
  • Architected our new product called the Numberz Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Laid down the architecture for the frontend and backend
  • Built these core features for our new AR Product - Auto Reminders, Manual Reminders, User Management, Cash Discounting, CFO Dashboard Metrics


Full Stack Developer, Apr 2014 - Sept 2016

Playlyfe is an online Gamification Platform which empowers anyone to design and implement a gamified system.This platform allows a normal user to convert a gamified system's design into a fully functional web-application complete with teams, real-time notifications, leaderboards and many more features. Made Critical decisions on what tech stack to switch to for our gamification product Catalyst.
  • Built the Playlyfe Hybrid Mobile app using Phonegap for Android and iOS
  • Built the leaderboard system using Mongodb, Redis and Couchbase as the datastore
  • Migration of data from v1 to v2 of the API
  • Built SDKs for the Playlyfe v2 API in C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Nodejs, Gos
  • Maintained the job server and wrote most of the background jobs
  • Added documentation to most of the REST API and created the Developer Console which was Like Swagger UI
  • Integrated our REST API in Leanosphere's LMS
  • Integrated the REST API in Knolskape's product Aktivlearn LMS
  • Integrated the REST API in Linkstreet's LMS
  • Integrated the REST API in Moodle LMS by creating an admin plugin to add Gamification features
  • Rebuilt the core platform in golang for performance and developement speed
  • Built the GraphQL API for our cutting edge product Catalyst
  • Convinced the boss to create our own scripting language plscript for our rule engine.
  • Build a REST API for our product catalyst for a POC with Vodafone
  • Built the Quiz, Review, Match, Tournament features in Catalyst for a major project with HP
  • Added gamification features to Saudi Matches a popular game tracking app